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Situated in Tralee, County Kerry on 27 Acres including 20 acres of mature woodland and a 7 acre competition site. The paintball area consists of rugged terrain with trees, trails, hills, streams, bunkers, six bridges, a base camp, a village, a fort, a church with a sniper steeple, the Radio Hut on an Island and two 20ft bridges. Dotted around you will encounter Army Jeeps, Army Trucks and a fully operational tracked Army Tank. At Paintball Kerry we’ve got The Works! Check out our Gallery.

Adult Paintball

Adults (Stag/Mixed groups)

Paintball Kerry just €39All boys, all girls or mixed groups - enjoy the fun of paint balling with friends.

Everyone gets camo overalls, vest, gloves, 200 paintballs each, extra paint for 100 paintballs is €10. Typical playing time is 2-3 hours but can vary depending on group.

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Splatball for Kids

Splatball for Youngsters

Paintball for €25 Splatball - 8 years and up. Everyone gets camo overalls, goggles, 200 paintballs each, average playing time is 1-2 hours but can vary depending on group size. Please print out, fill in and sign the Splatball Parental Consent form and hand it to the organisers upon arrival.

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paintball for teens

Teens | Schools | Clubs

Paintball Kerry just €29Seriously challenged by an action-packed day of teamwork, strategy, & skill. Your group is organised from the moment you arrive, to create an incredible experience. For paintball players between 12 & 18 years - please print, fill in & sign the Parental Consent form - hand it to the organisers upon arrival.

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About Paintball Kerry

About Us

Paintball Kerry is the oldest established paintball activity in Tralee and Kerry. Our experience provides a superior experience in Paintball Gaming.

Whether you're a native of Kerry, work locally or visiting on holiday, Paintball Kerry provide a great day out.

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